Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a query about the Win with Navy Raffle?

Who is eligible to enter the Win with Navy Raffle?

RAN personnel (PN, Active Reservists classed either SERCAT 3, SERCAT 5, SERCAT 6 and SERCAT 7) over the age of 18 can purchase tickets in the Win with Navy raffle.

How do I enter?

Complete the online application form

How do I pay?

Via your preferred method of payment via the secure “EZIDEBIT” system

When will the money be taken from my account?

Payments will be deducted on the payday Thursday each fortnight

After I have completed my WWN application, how long will it take before I’m in the draw?

From the first payment deduction

I am having problems logging into "My Account"

If your PMKeys Number is below 8119000; please log in using your old service number but please ensure you use numbers only - no prefix letter

What are the prizes?

Cash, holiday and shopping vouchers every pay day & larger prizes in several draws throughout the year.

How much are tickets?

Tickets are $2 each. The $10 book is the best value as it includes one (1) additional bonus ticket for free.

How do I cease participation?

Send an email via the "contact us" page

Where does the money go?

Surplus funds from the raffle help to provide sustainable recreational and lifestyle benefits to serving Navy members.

How do I get my ticket numbers?

Your ticket numbers will be automatically allocated each draw securely via the web site. Check for winning numbers, see photos of winners and read how their lives have changed.

Are tickets tax deductable?

No, tickets in raffles are not classed as tax deductable purchases.

Do I pay tax on my prize if I win?

No, there is no tax payable on the value of winnings from a raffle.

I want more tickets in each draw

Remember - the maximum number of tickets you can buy in each draw is 6 - a limit of $10.00

Increasing the number of tickets you would like to purchase in every draw (maximum 6 tickets) can be done through increasing the amount you allocated via the EZIDEBIT payment system

Increasing your amount over the $10.00 limit or registering more than once will automatically disqualify you from participating in the Win With Navy Raffle.

Why am I not in the current raffle?

Your payment has been declined due to any number of reason such as:

  • Credit card lost
  • Credit card cancelled
  • Credit card expired
  • Insufficient funds
  • Invalid transaction
  • Account closed
  • Incorrect BSB or Account numbers
For further information refer to the Win with Navy Terms and Conditions
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