Important message for Win with Navy Raffle participants
The Royal Australian Navy Central Canteens Board, trading as Navy Canteens operates the Win with Navy raffle.

The Win with Navy Raffle raises funds for Navy welfare from which distributions are made by Navy Canteens to Navy sport, the RANRTF and grants for sailor’s recreational purposes.

Following the decision to phase out discretionary allotments by February 2015 Navy Canteens has engaged the Australian company “EZIDEBIT” to operate a new Win with Navy raffle participants payment arrangement and is now ready to commence this service.

How to transfer from your ADF pay allotment to the new EZIDEBIT system

Current raffle participants will have to re-join by completing the Win with Navy raffle application form. This process should only take you a few minutes. Once we have received advice that you are in the EZIDEBIT system Navy Canteens staff will cancel your discretionary allotment for you.

How to join the Win with Navy Raffle

News for Active Reservists 

The Win with Navy Raffle is now open to the following classes of Reservists: SERCAT 3,SERCAT 5, SERCAT 6 AND SERCAT 7. 

To join, please fill in the Win with Navy Raffle application form.
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