Win With Navy Terms and Conditions


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Win With Navy Raffle

Navy Canteens 

CP3-1-126, Campbell Park Offices



Entry Requirements

  • Entry is open to current active Naval Personnel and Reservists on SERCAT 3, SERCAT 5, SERCAT 6 and SERCAT 7 only.
  • RANCCB board directors and staff as well as their immediate family members are ineligible to enter the Win with Navy raffle.
  • It is the Win With Navy participant’s responsibility to inform Navy Canteens by completing the Contact Us Form in the event a Navy personnel’s circumstances change which prevents them from being eligible for the Win With Navy Raffle. No refunds are made for ineligibility prior to Navy Canteens being notified. A complete and valid Win With Navy application and Ezidebit application are required to create a Win With Navy account.
  • A valid payment from a nominated bank account or credit card is required to enter each Win With Navy draw.
  • Once a valid payment has been received by Ezidebit for the express purpose of entering the Win With Navy Raffle. Cancellations and refunds will be considered on a case by case basis depending on the circumstances of the request.
  • The payment received must be equal to a valid ticket purchase value as outlined on the website. Any payments for amounts other than $2, $4, $6, $8 or $10 will be rejected and the participant excluded from the draw. 
  • Tickets cannot be purchased through any other means.


Raffle Draw and Results

  • Raffle draws are scheduled to occur each fortnight commencing Pay Fortnight 11. 
  • The draw is conducted utilising an approved drawing device consisting of an electronic random number generator. 
  • Each ticket in the draw has a random and equal chance of being selected.
  • The draw is conducted by a qualified independent auditor.
  • The results of the draw are published to the web site no later than 1 business day following the draw.
  • Winners notified as soon as practicable and in person where possible.
  • The winner is determined to be the person who has been allocated the winning ticket number in the given raffle. 
  • Prizes will only be transferred to the name of the winner as it appears on the valid Win With Navy draw file.
  • The winner must provide a copy of their valid Navy Service ID to claim the prize.
  • Prize winnings will be transferred to the winner as soon as practicable following the draw, but no later than 28 days following the draw.
  • In the event the winner cannot be contacted or is no longer current Naval personnel, funds will not be transferred and a re-draw will not take place. The value of the unclaimed prize will be reallocated to the raffle prize pool for future draws.
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